Personal Symbols an Online Classes w/ Susan Sorrell

I've taken online classes before but this is the first one that really lit my creative fire! It combined everything I love beads, paper, fiber, paint, sewing machines, rubber stamps and etc. Everything I've been collecting for years all of sudden made sense and I found a way to use all the stuff I've saving-greeting cards, calendars, all the odd bits and bobs!
When I was involved with Master Class a few years back it gave me the courage to think outside the bead box and see the possibilities that were possible with all mediums and then combine the best of everything and make something you love!
Susan Sorrell is a wonderful teacher and great supporter of the arts-her online class is up there with Christi Friesen whose online classes I have taken. The directions are great, lots of photos, attention to detail and lots of contact with the teacher including calling her and leaving a voicemail!
Thank you Susan for a wonderful experience which I am still working on (Lesson #3) and I'll be posting the remaining lessons as I get them done. Wait until you see what I did for Lesson #3!


Little House Art Studios said...

Wow..your piece turned out awesome!! Make sure you send me a copy so I can add it to my student file. :) And I would love for your to send me a testimonial too about the classes. I like to post those on my website. ;)
big hugs!!

Ben and Bennie said...

Awesome work! as a fellow student in the class I can share your sentiments about Susan. I'm looking forward to future classes she has to offer.

Robin said...

You are, indeed, the zig-zag queen! I want to know more about this piece... what was the lesson? Tell us more about your personal symbols... PULEEEEEZE!