I always wanted to take one of those incredible photos of a bee or bird up close and I think that this one is pretty good! Enjoy!
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1999 Tri-Vessel

Here's Oldie but Goodie that I beaded about 9-10 years ago! The orginal pattern was from a Beadwork and the designer was Brenda Whitehead. As you can see I had way to much fun embellishing the top of the vessel. So click on her name and at her website you can get this pattern free! Also for my friends that our into knitting right now Brenda has a great blog all about her adventures in knitting! So send me a picture or scan if you make this little gem. Actual size is only about 2x3 if that.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Welcome Everyone to my Blog! I know its not the actual day of my Birthday but this blog is my present to myself! I always wanted a website but Why? I don't have a business, I don't have a store-online or otherwise. So this is the next best thing! It will help me stay in touch with family, friends and students who have taken my classes! Also I have decided to participate in the 2008 Bead Journal Project and a blog was recommended. Plus it just sounded like a lot of fun, to be able to have my own personal soap box to stand on!