Fallen/Nov. BJP08

Here's my BJP for Nov. I'm calling it "Fallen" because of the falling leaves in autumn. I know big surprise on that one! I love this time of year-the colors-the chill in the air-the smell of someone's fireplace burning logs. The downside it signals is that I have to do all the holiday stuff besides start working on the next page!


Scary Fun- Oct.BJP08

Here's my bead embrodiery for Oct. its called "Scary Fun"! And it was a lot of fun to do! Enjoy!!


As promised here is a much better photo of my Bead Journal Project for Sept.2008. Enjoy!


1st Bead Journal Page

As I have explained in previous posts I am doing the Bead Journal Project 2008. Sept. was our first month and these are my photos.
First I fussy cut and collaged my fabrics.

Then I covered the picture with lots of machine embrodiery.
The finished page.
This scan is just temporary until I can take a better photo.

Carol Cypher Wooly Weekend

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to take a class with Carol Cypher! Besides a full time teaching gig she has also authored 3 wonderful books! Here are some photos of the Wool Cane Class.

Table of Wonderful Wools!
Making the Canes
Finishing a Class Project the same day as the Class!
Check out the wonderful colors in these Canes!

I took the Thur. classes which were a felted bracelet and a wool felted captured marble. I will post pictures of these as soon as I finish!


Jewel of the Sea

Jewel of the Sea
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This photo belongs to one of the Groups I belong to "Brillant Jewel Photos". I can see lots of bead inspiration coming from this photo!


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Hi Everyone,
Its been a while since I last posted! Life just gets you busy sometimes! I've been cruising around Flickr and checking out everyone's awesome photos and couldn't resist posting this one! Enjoy!


Heavy Metal Weekend with Janice Berkebile

The weekend with Janice happened a couple of weekends ago but last week I was to busy to post so here it is!
First up was 2 wonderful days of etching copper and then making all this amazing jewelry from those etched pieces. Students had a great time making their visions of what self adornment should look like! Not your ordinary stuff from the department store! Monday's class was all about fusing metal to make rings and bangles again giving you the artist the ability and knowledge to create exactly what you want. When you take a class with Janice or her partner Tracy Stanley you learn so much that you can use towards making your jewelry your own! We love it when Janice comes to teach because everyone goes home very happy and they have some very nice pieces of jewelry to show-off!


Treasures from Maggie Meister Weekend

This is one of the treasures I got when Maggie Meister visited us last weekend. Its an Italian Tapestry that I can't wait to add some beads to! I also bought the silk tassels to finish it off with an old world touch!


Maggie Meister Weekend at the Castle

This weekend at the Creative Castle we were fortunate to have with us teaching Maggie Meister . Her beadwork spin is to take old Roman icons, symbols and artifacts to create one of a kind art pieces. Maggie uses different bead stitches to achieve beautiful innovative jewelry that is different from anything else you've seen. If you've never taken a class with this delightful teacher than you really must try to next year when she returns again. Besides teaching next year at Creative Castle she'll be doing an "Italian Bead Adventure". So if this sounds like something you would like to do be sure and check it out at Creative Castle .

Flickr of Inspiration - Fractal 95 - Somewhere.... on another Planet!!!

Art is everywhere you find it! So be sure and check out the rest of these Fractal photos. When you visit this photo be sure and view with the black background option.


I always wanted to take one of those incredible photos of a bee or bird up close and I think that this one is pretty good! Enjoy!
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1999 Tri-Vessel

Here's Oldie but Goodie that I beaded about 9-10 years ago! The orginal pattern was from a Beadwork and the designer was Brenda Whitehead. As you can see I had way to much fun embellishing the top of the vessel. So click on her name and at her website you can get this pattern free! Also for my friends that our into knitting right now Brenda has a great blog all about her adventures in knitting! So send me a picture or scan if you make this little gem. Actual size is only about 2x3 if that.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Welcome Everyone to my Blog! I know its not the actual day of my Birthday but this blog is my present to myself! I always wanted a website but Why? I don't have a business, I don't have a store-online or otherwise. So this is the next best thing! It will help me stay in touch with family, friends and students who have taken my classes! Also I have decided to participate in the 2008 Bead Journal Project and a blog was recommended. Plus it just sounded like a lot of fun, to be able to have my own personal soap box to stand on!