Big Stick Art w/ NanC

In January I had the pleasure of getting to make Art with one of my favorite people-NanC Meinhardt! Her latest spin is to have us pick a stick or branch that appeals to us artistically, then fix it up and bead it till it says "Were Done"! We got to play with all kinds of tools-Dremels with all of their attachments (that I had to have but never got out of the box! Well its out now!),Foredom Flex-Shafts (Very awesome tool to have!), all kinds of paints, wood carving tools, air drying clays, wires and fibers and more! By the end of first day we were cover in fine sawdust but the room smelled great with all the wood being worked by 12 very busy artists! So I have to admit that I haven't touched it since that weekend but thats going to change starting next Sunday. I'll have a whole week to work on nothing else so I'll keep you posted!


Robin said...

Yay! NanC is always very inspiring... have a great play-art-play week!!!! Looking forward to seeing what you do... Robin A.

pam T said...

OOOOH! Now THIS is very very cool! Please post more on what you do with your stick - I have got to SEE! I love branches and have them all over in my house doing "nothing" but being sticks, basically, but they are there because I just like them....Does she have a blog or site? I will have to check it out. And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your December BJP. Your artistry is incredible.

Brenda said...

I am very intrigued!
I also have baskets of sticks/driftwood sitting around. I will definitely check back to see your progress.